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Support our project

We are all volunteers. We do not receive any funding to cover fuel costs, equipment or materials, but we're a resourceful bunch, and we will figure something out. We are setting up a Go Fund Me Page for Louth Barn Owl Project, and we hope that the good people of Louth and beyond can help us prepare for the breeding season ahead.


We need items like safety equipment, a camera to hopefully monitor a nest box (all under license with NPWS), fuel costs, a ladder, a trailer to carry gear when we travel to hang up nest boxes, purchasing plywood and screws to make nest boxes, and much more.


Every donation will go towards helping us to find and record existing nesting and roosting sites in the wee county, as well as the hunting grounds used by Barn Owls. We also want to identify more areas where nest boxes could be hung to help the Barn Owl increase their range here.

Spread The Word

We would like to ask for your help by spreading the word of this project. Anyone who could perhaps assist with the cost of printing, distribution and displaying of flyers, your support would be gratefully received.


Financial Donations

We have set up a Go Fund Me page that we hope will help us raise money to go towards fuel costs, purchasing safety equipment, plywood and materials as well as much more. 

2021 Nov 27 Nest Box Braket.jpeg

Equipment & Materials

We need items such as plywood, batons, screws, safety equipment, ladders, etc. 

2021 Nov 27 Nest Box 2c_edited.jpg


A trailer to carry equipment such as nest boxes and ladders to site locations.

Trailer Inspection
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